Advantages of Using Newman Mobiles

There are numerous advantages associated with Newman Mobiles. Selecting our company to be your contract mobile phone liaison means that you will benefit from the number of positive attributes associated with our services. These include:
High approval rates
Our clients have an advantage since they are bound by the high approval rates. Due to good relations with the mobile companies, we are known to bring in clients who are able to service their credit obligations. This has seen a high percentage of the applications we send forth approved.
Saving money
We work with mobile companies that provide the best rates for our clients. Since contract mobile phones prove to be cheaper than ‘pay as you go phones,’ our clients are in a better place to land on great deals. This helps them save money that would have been used to get the mobile contract when working with a different company.
Variety of mobile companies
Newman Mobiles works with numerous mobile companies. Our clients can easily score a deal with the mobile company they prefer due to the variety available. Newman Mobiles usually advices its clients to reach out to a company that has great deals that are able to meet their needs. A client can easily land on the deals of choice due to the availability of different companies and thus different deals.
Variety of handsets
Due to the numerous companies we work with, our clients can access a variety of phone contract offers. There are hundreds of different handset models available to clients thus allowing clients to choose what best suits them.
Free application
No fees are associated with making an application. Our clients are able to access FREE quotes through filling a simple online application form. After receiving the quote, they can select the type of contract they desire and forward their application for the processing to commence.
Fast processing
Applications are processed in a fast and efficient manner. On submitting the application form, the client gets an instant quote containing the best deals depending on his needs. From this, they select the contract phone they desire and submit their choice. This if forwarded to the phone company which reviews it and sends an approval report within 24 hours. The remaining process depends on how fast the applicant can sign the necessary documents and send them to the phone company for the phone to be dispatched.
Affordable rates
Newman Mobiles has very affordable contract deal rates for clients. These companies have also proved to be competitive thus trying to negotiate the best handset deals for our clients to win them over. We help our clients access the best rates in the market for bad credit contract phones.
Newman Mobiles offers unbiased services. We do not choose to discriminate the people whom we serve based on their credit rating. We take care of the needs of individuals with both good and bad credit rating helping them acquire contract phones.
High quality customer services
We have been offering good customer service to our clients and want to maintain the same. The clients are all treated with respect and kindness that they deserve. We listen to their needs before taking action thus helping them feel worthy and appreciated.