Why should I select Newman Mobiles for mobile contract services?
Applying on your own for a bad credit mobile phone may be simple but makes it easy for your application to be rejected. Making your application through Newman Mobiles heightens your chances of landing your contract phone of choice. We have also been in operation in the business for years and thus are able to direct you to the best path. Our business relations with the mobile phone companies also secure our clients reasonable deals due to the mutual relations we have built with these companies over the years.
Can you guarantee me a phone if I make an application through Newman Mobiles?
We seek to serve our clients with utmost honesty. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a phone. However, we are your best chance to getting a mobile phone contract. Compared to other service providers, we are among the few offering high approval rates on applications. Using us heightens your chance of landing the deal of your dreams. Our knowledge in how these companies work has equipped us with skills to help you get your deal as you desired.
What phone do you recommend for me?
There are numerous phones on offer at any one time. Our recommendations usually vary from one person to another. Some of the factors making it vary include the ability of the applicant to pay based on their income and expenses, the applicants credit history, and the terms of the mobile company. While a person with a good credit rating can apply for the trendy and latest phone in the market if they show the ability to pay the installment needed, one with a bad credit history is not able to apply for the same phone. They can first apply for a lower cost phone and pay for it as they show their ability and dedication in paying for the contract.
I want a contract but keep using my current phone, is it possible?
That is possible. We are able to help you acquire SIM only contracts. In this, the applicant is only offered a SIM with a contract. The applicant gets to use their old phone. The SIM only contracts are cheaper and the approval rate is higher. They are also repayable in a short time while offering the user a good talk time and texting deal.
Do I have to change my number?
No. If you change to the use of a contract you do not necessarily have to change your number with the contract mobile deal. This works well even for those who choose to switch networks if you do not want to. You can simply request the network company to port your number to the new card
How much do I have to pay for your services?
We do not charge our clients for the services we offer. We take in applications from clients and offer free quotes to those who need mobile contracts. All we do is help you receive the contract of your choice thus giving you satisfaction. We never contact our clients asking for payments or share the personal details provided with others.