No Credit Check and Guaranteed Phone Deals

No credit checks
No credit check is a catchy phrase many contract phone website love to use. In reality, there is nothing like no credit check services offered to the client. No phone company would want to issue out their phones to individuals blindly not knowing if and how the payments will be made. The phone companies usually run a background check on a client to view their credit history. This usually serves as a protection to them; ensuring that they are lending to a client who is able to pay back. Next time you meet a mobile contract site claiming to offer no credit checks, look through the deals they offer. It could be that they offer very high rates on the products to help minimize on the risk.
Guaranteed phone contract
This is another common phrase used in the contract phone world. Many claim to offer guaranteed phones while in reality, they do not. No phone company wants to offer a phone to just about anyone making an application for a phone. They want to take a moment to weigh the pros and the cons of the individual before they can grant the request of the applicant. This means the decision depends on the situation at hand regarding the applicant. It could be a negative or a positive response. This usually rules out the logic in the ‘guaranteed mobile contract’ claim.
Possibility of getting bad credit mobile phones
It is quite simple to get a bad credit mobile phone once you choose to work with Newman Mobiles. We will help you understand how the system works making it easier to land your desired deal. Some of the things you need to know include:

  • Background checks are usually important to mobile phone companies as they use this to assess the risk involved when you are awarded a contract phone. If you have a bad credit history but show the ability to repay, you have no need to worry. Your application will be reviewed and most likely considered due to your present circumstances.
  • Contract phones are divided into 3 categories. Band 1 are the low priced phones, band 3 are the average priced phones while band 3 are the high priced phones mostly consisting of newly released phones. If you have a bad credit rating, you can heighten your chance of landing the phone by choosing band 1 or band 2 phones. Band 1 phones are the best since your application is most likely to be approved. This is if you show the ability to repay for the loan. Band 3 phones are mainly reserved to individuals with a good credit history since they have a good record in paying their debts.
  • Using a deposit or guarantor to acquire your mobile contract is a wise move. A deposit helps the phone company be subjected to a lower risk deal. Even with the deposit, the applicant is expected to pay for the contract as agreed. A guarantor also comes as an asset when looking for good mobile contract deals. Using a guarantor that has a good credit rating helps the company to consider your application. In case you get trouble in paying for the contract as agreed, the guarantor takes responsibility.
  • Repeated applications for a contract mobile while getting rejected has a negative impact on your image. It paints you as a desperate applicant who is being turned down by other companies. This is because the credit search conducted shows on your credit report. We advice such clients who come to Newman Mobiles to take some time before making another application for a contract phone. When they have a go ahead to make an application, we advice them on the mobile phone company that has a higher chance of offering them the contract phone that they need.